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About the Service

Detailed information regarding the service and the modelling pipeline:

XCT2FE — MultiSim

This is the main code in which DICOM images are read and several functions are called in order to generate the microFE model.

  • Import Dicom images
  • Separate main radius from surrounding bone
  • Separate Cortical from trabecular bone
  • Calculation of morphological parameters. This will serve as inputs for the next step
  • At this stage, using the morphological parameters, there is the option of running the code to calculate the optimal threshold values for cortical and trabecular bone. Usually it is 25% of the maximum grey value for trabecular bone and 40% for cortical bone. Otherwise, the threshold value can be fixed to a certain value matching the one from Scanco. Threshold value can be different for trabecular and cortical tissues. At the end of this step the threshold has not been applied yet.
  • Laplace Hamming 3D filter is applied to trabecular bone. After this filtering process, the threshold is applied.
  • The cortical bone matrix and trabecular bone matrix are the input to generate the 3D mesh for finite element simulations
  • Meshing

The XCT2FE Service


  • Material properties: E=10 GPa for cortical and trabecular bone
  • Linear elastic
  • Boundary conditions: Nodes at the bottom fixed and 1% compression (90 microns displacement)
  • Homogeneous material properties